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Biology Biology is called a natural science which is more concerned with the study of living organism in this world. In this branch, we deals with the structures, functions and growth rate of the living organisms. It also deals with the evolution and the distribution of the living organism. Now days, modern biology has a vast range to study life and has many branches. History The word biology was derived from a Greek word Bios which means life and the other word loggia which means study of. So, it means that the study of life. The word biology in Latin language was appeared in 1736 by a scientist Carl Linnaeus and again used in 1766 by Michael Christophe Hanno. Modern Biology
Modern biology is a recent development which is related to and has been studied in ancient time and natural terms of philosophy was studied in China, India and Egypt. Many scientist al-jahiz (781-870) wrote on anatomy. The role of medieval world Islamic is very important in the field of medicine.  Biology quickly dev…