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alkane definition
Alkane is also known as organic compounds or paraffin. One alkane compound contain one hydrogen and carbon atoms that are arranged in tree like structure . In alkane, all carbon atoms are single bonded. The general formula of alkane is CnH2n+2. Each carbon atom has our bonds and every hydrogen atom is bonded with carbon atom. Waxes are higher alkanes, in which carbon atoms are greater than 18. Alkanes are less reactive as compared to other alkenes and alkynes. Alkanes are mostly present in mostly natural gas and petroleum.  Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons which contain only single bond and also known as structural because it contains only maximum numbers of hydrogen atoms. Alkanes compounds show three dimensional shape and covalent bond is present between alkanes compounds. In methane C-H bonds are directed to make tetrahedral structure at the angle of 109 degree. Alaknes does not show reaction with air but in heated form they show slow response in this regard.  Alkanes are used as fuel because, the reactions of alkanes are exothermic.  The chemical properties of alkanes compounds are similar but physical properties are various such as density or boiling point of compounds. Alkanes are also known as homologous.  Alkanes molecules easily make ring or chain like structure.  Alkane can react only in the form of gas for example methane react in the form of natural gas or petroleum.

Characteristics of Alkane

General Formul is CnH2n+2.
      1. Alkanes are present in Natural gas ant Petroleum.
2. Alkanes are Less Reactive
3. Alkanes have Low Melting Point
4. Alkanes are Soft
5. Alkanes are Crystalline in solids.
6. Alkane contain non polar molecules.
7. Alkanes are also less reactive to many laboratory reagents.
8. If the numbers of molecule increases then the melting and boiling points of alkane also increases.
9. Melting point increase due to strong intermolecular forces.If the weight of molecule is higher than the more 10. electrons are present.

                                                                                                               Writer M Sulaiman


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