Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Short Question

 Any two uses, physicl properts and sources of alkane, alkene and alkyne, 
why alkane are parafins, corbohydrats, prprties of oligo,mono and poly sachrid, genral formula of lipids. RNA, watr and fats soluble vitamin, amsphr and regions, globl wrming, ozon formation.
effects of ozone depletion, capillary action, soft and hard water, water softening, temporary and permanent hardness and causes of hardness, flourish, diarrhea, hepatitis, ore, gang, metallurgy, froth flotation, matte, roasting, blurts coper, Khyber process, fractional distillation, ammonia recovery. 

carbn cmpstn and boilng rang of gasolin, kerocen, fuel oil and ethar,fractionl distilation

Objective From Exercise

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