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1. Gulam Muhammad replaced Nazimudin as governor.

2. In 1946, Jamilla was the first Muslim women who hoisted the flag of Muslim league on Punjab Secretariat, Lahore.

3. In 1960, Rawalpindi became the capital of Pakistan.

4. In 1972, Sindhi language was used as official language in sindh assembly.

5. Pakistan came into being on 27 Ramadan.

6. Pooja was the father of Quaid.

7. Noorula Amin was the only vice-president of Pakistan.

8. Founder of National Conference was Sheikh Abdullah.

9. Distance of Pakistan from Kashmir is 250 miles.

10. The population of Muslims in Kashmir was 78% in 1947.

11. In April 1954, Urdu became the national language of Pakistan.

12. The tomb of Allama Iqbal was built in 1951.

13. State bank was established in 1948.

14. National Bank of Pakistan was established in 1948.

15. In 1948, the first stamp of Pakistan was issued.

16. The highest glacier Siachien is located in Balgistan.

17. In 1949, BBC started Urdu service.

18. In 1952, Sui gas was started.

19. General Islander was the first acting general of Pakistan.

20. In n1956, first time Iskandar Mirza visited Afghanistan.

21. In 23rd March, 1956, Pakistan became Islamic Country.

22. In 1958, 1st martial laws was established

23. In 26 march 1969, 2nd martial law was established.

24. In 7 July 1977, 3rd martial was established.

25. In 1969, the president Ayub changed the capital of Pakistan from Karachi to Islamabad.

26. In 21st August 1960, Pakistan made boundary agreement with Iran.

27. In 26 November 1964 television was started.

28. In 1965, Major Aziz Bhatti was martyred during war.

29. Aria Warat is an ancient name of India.

30. In 1976, Fatima Jinnah was died and she was born on 1st August, 1893.

31. Kashmir is located between little and Big Hamlia .      

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