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The study of animals is known as zoology. The word zoology is derived from a Greek  word’ ’Zion’’ and logos which means knowledge of animals. I
n this branch we deals with structure, distribution and classification of animal are studied.
zoology definition
Conrad Gesner is known as the father of modern zoology. Modern zoology contain the study of animals from ancient to modern times and the role of Aristotle and Galen is very common in the history of zoology. The ancient work of this famous scientist is very important in zoology history. The work of Carl Linnaeus and Buffoon is very important in the diversity of life and the fossil record as well as the development of organisms. In 18th and 19 th centuries, zoology became professional scientific branch. The interaction between organism and environment was studied by Alexander von Humboldt.
Charles Darwin
The work of Charles Darwin  Is important in the branch of zoology. The branch embryology and paleontology were developed from the work of Charles Darwin.  The theory organic evolution was obtained by the work of Charles Darwin by which organic evolution can occur and provided much new observation from this theory.  Charles Darwin also give new ways to physiology and morphology by putting or uniting them in a common theory on the base of organic evolution. He also reconstructs the classification of animals on the basis of new fresh investigation and early attempts to explain the genetic relationships between organisms.
The structural and other physiological properties are studied in cell biology of all cell which are present in the body of living organisms. These cells play important role in all functions of the living organism and also take part in many processes such as metabolic and respiration.  In cell biology we deals with organism and their parts especially cells by both molecular and microscopic ways. Anatomy is a form of macroscopic structures like organs and their systems.  Anatomy focus on how organs work with together in the bodies of animals and humans. Cell biology and anatomy are two main studies which have similarities and can be categorized on structural basis.
Explain Physiology
This branch deals with physical, biochemical and mechanical processes of all living organisms and understands how the structures of organism work whole. The aim of structure to function is to biology and the physiological divided into animals and plant physiology by traditionally but physiology is universal means no matter what organism is studied.
This research deals with origin and changes over a time of species and also includes scientists from taxonomically disciplines such as it involves scientists who have training in every particular organism such as herpetology or mamma logy.  This research is based on paleontology. In paleontology fossils record is used to answer all questions about tempo and mode of evolution. The discoveries of DNA fingerprinting techniques in 20th century have increased the understanding of animal’s populations in modern time.
Classification is a method by which zoologist categorize and group all living organism by biological types like genus or species based. The classification is a important form of scientific taxonomy. In modern biological classification, the work of Carl Linnaeus is very important.
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