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The removal or discharge of extra water from the body of plants is known as transpiration. This processes has great important for the removal of extra water. The rate of transpiration increase by every 10 degree centigrade increase in temperature. But, at the 40 to 45 degree centigrade, the stomata closed and rate of transpiration stop.
Plants discharge water by different parts of body which are explain below,

Lentcular Cells

The cells which are present on stem between bark layers are known as lenticular cells. Only 1 to 2% water  release by lenticular cells.

Cuticle Cells

Cuticle cells are present on leaf and play important role in transpiration. Only 5 to 7% water release through these cuticle cells.

Stomata Cells

Stomata also play great role in transpiration. 90% water transport through these cells.
Tobacco Plant contains 14000 stomata. 40% transpiration takes place through leaf.


In small plants such as grasses when water presents in large quantity then it release water through edges of leaf. This processes is known as guttation.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

usa Sexual and Asexual Reproduction ntsteacher
The reproduction means formation of offspring from parents. There are two main types of reproduction present in living organism such as plants or animals which are given below,
Sexual Reproduction
The reproduction means when female and male are involved in reproduction is known as sexual reproduction. This type of reproduction present in plants and animals both.
Asexual Reproduction
In this type of reproduction only one organism is involved. There are different type of asexual reproduction. Some main type of reproduction are given below,
The change of ovary into fruit without fertilization is known as parthenogenesis. This type of reproduction is present is grapes, orange and artificial introduced in tomato.
Binary Fission
The division of one organism into two known as binary fission.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Define viruses


The word viruses are derived from a Latin word venom which means poisonous. During (1822-1985) Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch used the viruses as a poison which is associated with diseases and death of living organism. No,, viruses are recognized with protein and nucleic acid that are able to replicate in the body of host and spread different diseases in their host.


The study of viruses is known as virology.

Structure of Viruses

Viruses contain nucleic acid and and are surrounded by aa protein coat known as capsomers. The number of these capsomers ar different in different viruses. Herpes viruses contain 162 capsomers and 252 capsomers are present in adenoviruses.

Largest Virus

Poxviruses are known as largest viruses.

Characteristics of Viruses

Viruses are well known due to spreading small infectious diseases which are only seen under electron microscope clearly. The maximum size of viruses is 250nm such as poxviruses which 10 to 1000 times smaller than bacteria.
Viruses can pass through pores?
Viruses are 10 to 1000 times smaller as compared to bacteria so, viruses are easily pass through small pores but bacteria not.
First Viral Disease

First viral disease wah cowpox which was developed in milkmaid.. In 1796 Edward Jenner first vaccinated 8 years old child.
Smallest continent of the world?


First person to walk South Pole?


Most popular country?


Largest Islamic country>?


Largest gulf of the world?

Mexico Gulf.

Coldest country of the world?


Hottest planet?


The deepest lake in the world?


Fastest planet?


Smallest ocean?

Arctic Ocean.

Planet with most satellites?


Largest mountains in the world?

South China Sea.

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Chromosome is composed of DNA and protein. It contain 60% protein and 40% DNA. We know DNA is a hereditary material and play important role.


Chromosome are not visible but during fertilization it looks like thread like filaments are known as chromatin.


When DNA fold on a histone protein is called nucleosome.

Chromosome amount in different living organism,

Human 46
Sugarcane 80
Potato 46
Frog 26
Honeybee 32
Mosquito 6
Garden pea 14

MCQ for Preparation of Test For jobs

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Largest Country of the world in size?


First person on moon?

Neil Armstrong.

Largest ocean in the world?

The Pacific Ocean.

Largest sea of the world?

The South China Sea.

Smallest Islamic Country?


The largest glacier?

Lambert Glacier.

The tallest tree in the world?


Planet nearest to the earth?


Brightest planet ?


Driest place of the USA?

Death valley.

Largest island?


Coldest planet?



Monday, 17 July 2017

In USA , international students have a choice of electing a favorite field. By understanding the system of USA schools or colleges you will be able to know how you choice and develop your education in USA.
USA Students
Primary and Secodary System of USA
USA students always join primary and secondar schools for c12 years during study. In six age, USA child join primary system of schools and then after completing primary education they join secondary system of schools.


Ribosomes are protein factories means these are used to make protein for organism. These are composed of RNA and protein.


When ribosome is present on rRNA then it is known as Polysome.

Quick News

Flying cars was a creation in the past but in future it will become reality when you will travel in flying cars.
In Japan, inventors are trying to make a flying car and are hoping to launch car in 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games. They have competition with other companies  which are also making a flying car in future.

A group of inventors of Japan are working on making a car which will fly and are also used in Olympics in future.

usa news
They are saying that sky drive is first flying creation or concept which is designed to transport the person who will light the Olympic in 2020.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Cell Wall

Cell wall is and outer rigid covering of cells. It give protection to the cell against invaders and also give support to cell. Cell wall is present in all living organism like bacteria,viruses and fungi.
Cell Wall
It has three types which are given below,

Primary Cell Wall

This cell wall is composed of cellulose material and known as primary cell wall.

Middle Wall

Middle is also present between primary and secondary cell wall. It is embedded in primary wall and not easy to differentiate between them.

Secondary Cell Wall

Secondary cell wall is composed of lignin, chitn and some other compounds.

Composition of Organism Cell Wall

Plant Cell Wall

Cell wall of plants is composed of cellulose.

Bacteria Cell Wall

Cell wall of bacteria is composed of peptydoglyogen.

Fungi Cell Wall

Cell wall of fungi is composed of chitin.

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Beautiful Places

Some beautiful places of the world are here.When you look these places then you feel the peace of soul and feel freshens.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


There are two types of molecules, which are given below,

Macro molecules

These molecules are large in size and insoluble in water. Example, Starch, Protein and Carbohydrates are known as macro molecules.

Micro molecules

These are small in size and are known as micro molecules.
Example, Water, Co2

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We know that, there are thee major types of carbohydrates.


Glycosidic Bond

When covelent bond is present between two monosaccharides group then it is known as Glycosidic Bond.

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