Thursday, 24 August 2017

Importance of Water

Water play important role in life of living organism. They use water on daily basis for their life. No life is possible without water. Human tissues also contain water about 20% water is present in our bones and 85% water is present in brain. Water is also important for reactions of cells and also take part in biochemical reactions such as hydrolysis. It is used as raw material in photosynthesis of processes of plants by which plants prepare their own food with the help of water and sun for their life.

Water is a Solvent

Water is a basic or good solvent for polar substances  such as ionic substances when dissolved in water change into negative and plosive ions and non-ionic compounds are dispersed in water because they have no charge.

Heat Capacity of Water

Water has capacity of absorbing heat with minimum change in its temperature. The number of calories that are required to raise the temperature of water from 15 to 16 degree centigrade is 1.0 because more energy is used to break hydrogen bonds.

Heat of Vaporization of Water

Heat of vaporization of water is 574kcal which play great in regulation of heat which is produced by oxidation processes and also provides cooling effect when transpiration processes taking placing in plants.

Ionization of Water

The water molecule ionize to give H and OH ions. This is a reverssible reaction means take place in both direction but in an equilibrium stage.

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