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Most Important Question of Islamiyat

1st Question
How many Words are in first Kalimah?

Answer: 7 words.

2nd Question
Which piller is called shield of Islam?
Most Impoortant Question of Islamiyat

Answer: Fasting

3rd  Question
What was the name of Hazart Abu Bakar Sadiq(R.A) before accepting Islam?

Answer: Abdul ka'ba

4th Question
What was meant by Kahf?

Answer: Cave

5th Question
What is the name of first female fasle prophetesss?

Answer: Sajjah

6th Question
Name the Ghazwa in which muslman came back without fight?

Answer: Tabook

7th Question
How many time Hazart Jibrael (A.S) is mentioned in Quran?

Answer: 4 Time

8th Question
Hazrat Jibrael (A.S) in Quran is refered as?

Answer: Rooh-al-Qudos

9th Question
Who established the departments of jails,police and education?

Answer: Hazart Umer (R.A)

10th Question
Hazart Umer (R.A) divided theIslamic Empire?

Answer: 15

11th Question
Whats is the meaning of An-Namal?

Answer: Ant

12th Question
How many time takbeer is recited by Mo'azzzin in Azaan?

Answer: 6

13th Question
Jami-Quran is taken for?

Answer: Hazart Usman (R.A).

14th Question
How many stages the Quran consist?

Answer: 7

15th Question
The Prophet (PUBH) made Hazart Muaaz bin Jabal the governer of?

Answer: Yaman

16th Question
Namaz-e-Ishtisqa is prayer for?

Answer: Rain

17th Question
Qurbani is made during Hajj At?

Answer: Mina

The nisab of Zakat in Gold is?

Answer: 7 1/2 tola

19th Question
The nisab of zakat in silver is?

Answer: 52 1/2 tola

20th Question
What is the number of Rajab in Islamic calendar?

Answer: 7th

21th Question
What is number of Ramadan in Calendar?

Answer: 9th

22th Question
'A Muslim women is wrapped in dressed sheets?

Answer: 5

23th Question
Azaan was started in?

Answer: 1 A.H

24th Question
Which Suraah of Quran has Bismillah twice?

Answer: Al Neamal

25th Question
 Eid-ul-Fitar has been proclaimed in the year?

Answer: 2 Hijiri


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