Friday, 25 August 2017

Nucleic Acids Function

Nucleic Acids was discover by F. Miescher in 1869 from pus cells and isolate from nuclei and their due to their acidic nature these are known as nucleic acid.
Two types of Nucleic acids are present,


DNA are deoxyribonucleic acid and contain four kinds of nucleotide.  These nucleotide are held together by phosphodiester linkage to form polynucleotide bond.
DNA has two strands.
These strands are anti-parallel each other.
One strands is 3' and other end is 5'.
These ends are sticky ends.


RNA is ribonucleic acid and has single strand. RNA have three types which are given below,


It cover 3 to 4% of total RNA and main function is to transport message from nucleus to DNA.


It covers 10 to 20% of total RNA and act as transporter.


It cover 40 to 50% of total RNA and cover 80% of total RNA.

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