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How stop Hairs loss?
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Hi guys, today i am sharing amazing tip for getting new hairs on your head and also stop hair loss. We know that hairs increase our beauty and also play important role in attraction of other people. 
Role of Vitamin in Hairs Life
Keratin vitamin play important role in hairs growth and beauty. When we use different types of shampoo and products for hairs beauty then the amount of these keratin decrease and our hairs roots become dead due to deficiency of vitamin. So first of all, it is very important that we stop to use chemical containing products for hairs beauty. Because these products caused hair losses and we become bald. 

Role of  Fresh Food

Many poeple use spicy food which also responsible of hairs loss. So, please always used fresh food which is not spicy and also used fruits, because fruits play important role in hairs life.
How to stop hairs loss?
Know i am telling you some good tips which i personally used and get benefit from such amazing and easy tips. You can also get benefit from these tips. These tips are given below?

olive oil nutrition

1. Olive Oil

This tip personally used amazing and fast way to stop hairs loss. After wash your hairs please put little amount of olive oil. After one week you will look that your hairs stop to loss and become healthy, shinner and smooth.

2. Drink water

Drink daily 4 glasses of water. Because water stop fastly hairs loss.

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3.Drink Milk

the milk bar
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Drink milk and also massage your hairs with milk night time and wash your hairs in the morning. You feel that your hairs become good and healthy.

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