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Pakistan Province Information MCQS 2020

Caravan Book PDF MCQS Book Part 1 - FPSC PPSC NTS Jobs MCQS 
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1 The Provincial Assembly of Sindh consists of 168 Members
2  29 seats are reserved for Women / 09 seats are reserved for Non-Muslims
3  The Speaker of Sindh Assembly Is Agha Siraj Durhani
4  First Governor of Sindh Was Sheikh G.H hidayatullah
5  Current Governor of Sindh Is Muhammad Zubair Umar
6 . First Chief Minister of Sindh Was Ghulam Hussain hidayatullah

7  When did sindh assembly proclaim Sindhi language is official? 1972
8  Current Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah
9  7 Divisions in Sindh / Karachi / Hyderabad / Sukkur / Larkana / Mirpur Khas / Banbhore/ benazirabad
10  Previsions Name of Sindh Was Mehran

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Caravan Book PDF MCQS Book Part 1 - FPSC PPSC NTS Jobs MCQS 

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Click Here  70 Computer Mcqs In Pdf File Download Here2020

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Computer MCQS For all Jobs Tests 2020 - For PPSC NTS FPSC

Caravan Book PDF MCQS Book Part 1 - FPSC PPSC NTS Jobs MCQS 
For Download Click Here  Computer MCQS1- The brain of any computer system is? Answer-CPU
2- Which of the following computer language is used for artificial intelligence? Answer- PROLOG
3- Who is known father of artificial intelligence? Answer-McCarthy
4- Which operating system first apple company introduced? Answer- Mac Os
5-  Spreadsheets are called in which part of Ms Office? Answer-Excel
6-  Move the focus to select each of the following areas of the window? Answer-F6
7-  New Slide is in which menu? Answer-Insert