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NTS Test Preparation MCQS

1.Alloy of bronze : copper and Tin

2. Death of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH): 632AD

3. Compilation of Quran into book : Hazrat Abu bakar

4. 8th Amendment in constitution: Zia-ul-Haq

5. First C-n-C: General mersery

6. Governer General of State bank of pakistan: Ashraf mehmood wathra

7. 2nd Governer General of Pakistan: Nazimun din

8. Daughter's of Muhammad (PBUH) : 4

9. Mycology is study of : Fungi

10. Prisedent of France: francios Holland

11. Heptagon: 7 sides

12. Surah without Bismillah: Surah Touba

13. President of Iran: hassan rohani

14. Current Unit: Ampere

15. USA foreign Secretary: John Kerry 68th Secretary of State of the United States.

16. Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations: Maliha Lodhi

17. Iraqi President: Fuad Masum

18. Light year is measured : distance

19. Simla deputation presented the memorial in front of viceroy Lord minto

20. 8th Hijri Fateh Makkah.

21. Scalene Triangle: No equal sides, No equal angles

22.Vitamin A: Night Vision

23.Carrot having: Vitamin A

26: Pakistan area: 796,095 km²

27. Egypt is situated in Africa

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