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Pedagogy Book in urdu pdf 2020 For PPSC NTS FPSC Jobs Tests

Caravan Book PDF MCQS Book Part 1 - FPSC PPSC NTS Jobs MCQS 
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Antonyms Of  Some Common Words MCQS


1. Inevitable- Avoidable
2. Exceptional- Common
3. Permanent- Temporary
4. Dim- Luminous
5. Reckless- Careful
6. Explicit- Ambiguous
7. Incredible- Believable
8. Repel- Attract
9. Rapidly- Slowly
10. Meticulous- Careless
11. Barbarous- Civilized
12. Successor- Predecessor
13. Urban- Rural
14. Conclusive- Indecisive
15. Terminate-Begin
16. Niggardly- Lavishly
17. Advanced- Receded
18. Enlightened- Ignorant
19. Moderate- Extreme
20. Superficial- Thorough
21. Scorn- Admiration
22. Trivial- Serious
23. Loquacious- Reserved
24. Confiscate- Release
25. Often- Rarely
26. Eminent- Notorious
27. Embark upon- Conclude
28. Diffidence- Boldness
29. Paucity- Plenty
30. Triggered- Choked
31. Fastidious- Adjustable
32. Grandiose- Simple
33. Bleak- Bright
34. Insolent- Humble
35. Lurid- Mild
36. Unscrupulous- Conscientious
37. Melodious- Tuneless
38. Contaminate- Purify
39. Frugal- Extravagant
40. Falling off- Improvement
41. Genial- Unkind
42. Shallow- Deep
43. Immune- Vulnerable
44. Veneration- Disrespect
45. Yield to- Resist
46. Concur- Disagree
47. Vague- Precise
48. Humility- Pride
49. Extol- Censure
50. Takes off- Lands
51. Demolish- Build
52. Prevent- Induce
53. Frailty- Strength
54. Collapse- Rise
55. Anxious- Carefree
56. Thrifty- Wasteful
57. Innovate- Copy
58. Enduring- Fleeting
59. Progressive- Retrogressive
60. Purposely- Unintentionally
61. Brave- Timid
62. Opaque- Transparent
63. Hinder- Encourage
64. Zeal- Apathy
65. Shimmering-Gloomy
66. Plausible- Implausible/ Unbelievable
67. Flair- Inability
68. Dormant- Active
69. Hazy- Clear
70. Fantastic- Ordinary
71. Asceticism- Luxury
72. Dissolution- Establishment
73. Unnerved- Confident
74. Harmony- Disagreement
75. Guilty- Innocent
76. Duplicity- Honesty
77. Jocular- Morose
78. Uncompromising- Flexible
79. Desecration- Consecration
80. Far-fetched- Realistic
81. Parallel- Crooked
82. Blocked- Facilitated
83 Turn coat- Loyal
84. Embellish- Spoil
85. Intentional- Accidental
86. Expand- Contract
87. Stimulate- Discourage
88. Perilous- Safe
89. Audacious- Timid
90. Quiet- Pandemonium
91. Genuine- Fictitious
92. Implicit- Explicit
93. Repulsive- Attractive
94. Escalate- Decrease
95. Commotion- Tranquility
96. Manifested- Concealed
97. Vindictive- Forgiving
98. Inaugurate- Terminate
99. Detest- Like
100. Commence- Conclude
101. Prosperity- Adversity
102. Deliberate- Unintentional
103. Disputable- Indisputable
104. Make- Break
105. Depressed- Elated
106. Ham-fisted- Adroit
107. Capture- Liberate
108. Misery- Joy
109. Anarchy- Order
110. Monotony- Variety
111. Latter- Former
112. Diligent- Lazy
113. Philistine- Cultured
114. Ingest- Disgorge
115. Laceration- Healing
116. Disorderly- Organized
117. Glossy- Dull
118. Accomplish- Fail
119. Orderly- Chaotic
120. Strife- Peace
121. Antique- Recent
122. Rapid- Slow
123. Initiated- Concluded
124. Fatigued- Rigid
125. Dynamic- Static
126. Hereditary- Acquired
127. Heretical- Orthodox
128. Implicate- Exonerate
129. Liberty- Slavery
130. Elevation- Reduction
131. Boon- Bane
132. Famous- Obscure
133. Gloomy- Radiant
134. Isolation- Association
135. Contented- Dissatisfied
136. Severe- Mild
137. Fatigued- Energised
138. Flexible- Rigid
139. Delete- Include
140. Evanescent- Eternal
141. Virtue- Vice
142. Confident- Diffident
143. Adamant- Yielding
144. Callous- Sensitive
145. Procrastinate- Expedite
146. Probity- Dishonesty
147. Sporadic- Continual
148. Apposite- Inappropriate
149. Chivalry- Cowardice
150. Sanguine temper- Despairing nature
151. Imperil- Safeguard
152. Consolidated- Disjoined
153. Vituperative- Laudatory
154. Benefactor- Enemy
155. Barren- Fertile
156. Nervous- Composed
157. Evident- Hidden
158. Professional- Amateur
159. Cessation- Commencement
160. Potent- Weak
161. Gregarious- Unsociable
162. Implication- Exoneration
163. Dismal- Bright
164. Meagre- Surplus
165. Flamboyant- Not showy
166. Chronic- Temporary
167. Awkward- Graceful
168. Despair- Hope
169. Validate- Disprove
170. Smug- Dissatisfied
171. Vicious- Virtuous
172. Obscure- Clear
173. Enervate- Strengthen
174. Autonomous- Dependent

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