Sunday, 14 January 2018

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Alkali Metals Information

metal table
1. These metals are present i 1A Group,S block in Periodic Table.

2. First group Hydrogen is gas which diatomic molecule.

3. 2nd member Li is small in size ,used in batteries and space equipmets. Therefore, Li is hard metal i periodic table.

4. Na is the third member, used as salt soda.

4. K is the fourth member and used as fertilizer.

5. Rb is fifth member and used as making batteries etc.

6. Cs is sixth member.

7. Fr Francium is not present in nature in free state. 

8. Oxidation state is +1 of alkali metal and they have low I.E .

9. Alkali metals form ionic compounds which play important role in conductivity. Therefore, they are good conductor of electricity.

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