Friday, 12 January 2018

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Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan Life History MCQS

1- Native Name.
Mirza Asadullah Baig khan

27 December 1797 Kala Mahal,Agra Mughal Empire

15 February 1868(aged 71)

4-Pen Name.



7- Father Name.
Mirza Abdullah Baig khan

8-Mother Name.
Izzat-ut-Nissa Begum

9- Sons?
Four Sons

Three Daughters

11-Wife name?
Umrao Begum

12-In which age he started poetry?
11 years old

13- First Complete translation in english of Ghalib is?
Love Sonnets of Ghalib

14-Where was Ghalib Buried?
Near the Tomb of Nizamuddin Auliya

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