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Some Good Benefits Of  Water read and Enjoy Good Health
We all know that, our brain contain 85% water and bones contain 20% water. So, you can easily understand that water is very important for our body. Many processes are occurring in our body every-time. For all processes water have great role.  
So we are telling you many benefits of water on our body.

Water Health

1. Headache prevention
When we drink 8 glasses daily then water amount is maximum in our brain and this maximum water prevent from headache and other diseases of brain. So please drink maximum amount of water on daily basis.

2. Treat Kidney Stones
According to doctors observation, if we drink maximum water daily then the risk of kidney stones decrease and kidney work normally. So, drink water and stop kidneys diseases.

3.Weight Loss
I am giving you easy way to lose weight. So,please drink 10 glass of water on daily basis and after one week you will look that your weight decrease.

4. Help in Digestion
Water also play role in food digestion and make stomach healthy for long time.

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