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USA Job Scientist Department OF THE NAVY

Corporate Sales Manager Location- Dubai UAE Skills 3 years experience is very important for this job.
Job Details Job Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Company Industry Hospitality/Tourism/Travel
Company Type Employer (Private Sector)

Job Role Sales Employment Type Full Time Employee
Monthly Salary Range Unspecified
Number of Vacancies Unspecified
Job Ref. JB3793830
Preferred Candidate Career Level Mid Career
Years of Experience Min: 3 Max: 10
Residence Location United Arab Emirates Gender Female

PSF Scholarship for Matric Passed Students 2020

PSF Scholarship for Matric Forum Download Passed Students 2020

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PSF has announced a large number of scholarships for matric passed students under which 10000 RS will be given to individual per month. The interesting candidate can download the application forum from National Testing Service website.
Eligibility Criteria Applicant must have 60% marks and 70% marks in Science subjects such as Biology,chemistry and Physics. The result awaiting students can also apply on the basis of their 9th result.
Selection Criteria Initial listing on the basis of formal education score. A science Aptitude Test 
Computer Based IQ
Download HereNTS Forum.

Click On Selective Subject and Read MCQS Biology MCQS Chemistry MCQS Computer MCQS Current Affair  PDF MCQS English MCQS Islamic MCQS Math MCQS Pak study MCQS Physics MCQS Urdu MCQS Science MCQS General MCQS Zoology MCQS Sports MCQS

Important MCQS For all Jobs

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1. Biggest planet is? answer-Jupiter
2.Our body is made of? answer-trillion cells
3.Moon is smaller then our earth? answer- 50 Time
4.Sun is larger then our earth? answer- 100 Time
5.Moon complete one cycle around earth? answer-29 or 30 days
6. The basic unit of brain is? answer-Nephron
7. The basic unit of stomach is? answer-Neuron
8. Tomato contain % water? answer-85%

Most Important all Jobs MCQS

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Some Important Jobs MCQS For all Tests

Sexual Reproduction takes place in  which part of plants? Flowers
Blood sugar is caused due to? Carbohydrate
The basic source of food making and food storing in plants is? Leaf
Food and Oxygen transfer into cells is due to? Capillary
The basic source of energy in our earth? Sun

Food and Oxygen transfer into heart  is due to? Coronay Artries
Carbohydrates digest into mouth by a special enzyme? Bile
.       Protein dissolve into stomach by a special enzyme? Saliva
Larynx is also called ? Voice Pipe
Our throat contain? Two Pipe
Trachea divide into? Bronchi
Blood pressure is caused due to? Fats