Friday, 20 April 2018

A Great Kids Game app

 If you want to teach some basic education tips for your baby then download this amazing game on google play store.
Very amazing graphic styles and also easy to use. Its free for all people of the world.
For learning numbers 0-100. 

New update now includes over 200 number learning flash cards. More than 500 number tracing activity games and over 50 coloring pages with number sounds!

Kids Learning Numbers 0-100 Flash Cards Game by Teachers Paradise Studios are fun for kids, babies and toddlers. Numbers flash cards will entertain and teach them as they learn the numbers, count and hear the words. With quiz and practice modes.

0-100 Numbers Baby Flashcards (1-20 + 30/40/50...100)
Language/Sounds: Learn English Numbers
200+ flash cards set
500+ letter trace games

50+ number coloring pages with word sounds 
For Downloading Go to Google Play store

Search: 0-100 Kids Learn Numbers Game

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