Wednesday, 25 April 2018

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Important MCQS For all Jobs

1. Biggest planet is?

2.Our body is made of?
answer-trillion cells

3.Moon is smaller then our earth?
answer- 50 Time

4.Sun is larger then our earth?
answer- 100 Time

5.Moon complete one cycle around earth?
answer-29 or 30 days

6. The basic unit of brain is?

7. The basic unit of stomach is?

8. Tomato contain % water?

9. Nearest glaxy in our earth is?
answer-Milky Way

10. Protective layer around our atmosphere is?
answer-ozone layer

11. Co2 diffuse through?

12. Heartbeat control by?
answer-medulla oblongata

13. Our nrvous system contain?
answer- CNS and PNS

14. Our brain is enclosed in?
answer-Cranium Skul

15. Which bring messasge towards the body?

16. Which bring away message from the body?

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