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  Solved Turn Off Screen Overlay Detected | Any Android Marshmallow

Welcome to Screen Overlay Detected Android Help Community!
Hi Guys, We are here to help you to turn off Screen Overlay Detected on your Android mobile device before discussing the solution to Screen Overlay Detected we will discuss some basic parameters such as How, When And Why this error appears on any Android device? To which Android devices this error Appears? and finally How to turn off Screen Overlay Detected on any Android Device?
 Answer is that , this problem is mostly in those mobile where is android Marshmallow is working.

 How to disable the screen overlay permission for an app on your Android phone. Sometimes, when the screen overlay comes into conflict with another app, an error message occurs. This can prevent certain apps from launching or working correctly. You can disable an app's screen overlay permission in the Settings menu on a stock SUCH AS  Android phone, a Samsung Galaxy phone.

if you want to stop this problem then go to google play store and search File Manager and install this app then restart your mobile and stop this problem forever.
 If this problem does not off then write your problem in youtube search box and then search .
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