Sunday, 21 June 2020

World General knowledge.

• Neelam Valley is in (Azad Kashmir)• The national Library of Pakistan came intoexistence in (1951)• Epistemology is the study of nature andscope of (Knowledge)• Typhoid is a disease of (intentine)• Devoid means (Lacking)• Eiffel Tower is (Paris)• Namaz Eid is (wajib)• Shikwa and jwab-e-Shikwa are in (Bang –e-Dara)• Father of internet? (Vint Cerf)• Who wrote the famous book “KhudKalami”?(Parveen Shakir)• Tooth decay is due to deficiency of(Fluorida)• Amnesis is disease of? (sleeplessness)• Most abundant gas in air is (Nitrogen)• Aristotle is the tutor of (Alexander theGreat)• “A Fair weather friend” means (False friend)• The Indy water Treaty was signed duringthe regine of (Ayub Khan)• The autobiography “in the line of the Faire”was written by (Gen Pervez Musharraf)• On 22nd November 2016, former caretakerprime minister of Pakistan passed awaywhat was his (Moin Qureshi)• Gospel is another name of (Injeel)• Smallest ocean is? (Arctic)• Which prophet’s race faced the calamitymosquitoes? (Hazrat Ibrahim A.S)• What is the meaning of zam zam? (To stop)• The length of Tennis court is (23.77 meters)• Macro –e economics is also called (incometheory)• “Nippon” is stock exchange market of(Tokyo)• Khalil Gibran was a famous essayist poetand philosopher to which country did hebelong? (Lebanon)• Dialysis is process used for cleaning(Kidneys)• The boo “on the origin of species” waswritten by (Darwin)• Mirza Ghalib was a contemporary of (sirSyed Ahmed Khan)• Old name of squash is (Rackets)• The battlefield of waterloo is located in(Belgium)• Physiotherapy deals with (Immobility ofJoints and Muscles)• The treat of Versailles ended the (world warI)• Sound cannot travel through (vacuum)• Meteorology is the science of (weather)• Folketing is the parliament of (Denmark)• The Red sea is an inlet of the Indian oceanbetween (Africa and Asia)• Lake “Saiful-Maluk” is located in (KahganValley)• Quaid e Aazam solar park is located nearthe city of (Bahawalpur)• Ferdinand Marcos was an autocratic ruler of(Philippines)• The Medulla oblongata is a part of human(Brain)• Areas where there is deficiency of rainfallare called (Arid Areas)• Muhammad Bin Qasim was tortured todeath in a person in Iraq during thecaliphate of (Walid)• Napoleon Bonaparte was (French)• In which province is the town Dal bandinlocated? (Baluchistan)• Genoa is a seaport of (Italy)• The cheapest source of electricity’s (Hydel)• Fee blue means (feel sad)• Biopsy is done on tissue taken from (livingbody)• Black gold is an oil, Black diamond (coal)• Forth Maysor was fought? (1799)• Force is measured by (Newton)Must share to othersx

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