Friday, 17 March 2017

Guess paper 9th

S.Q Divisions of bio,bio technology,bio elements, population,community, unicellular organisms,biological problem,qualities of good hypothesis,control in experimenter, incubation period, bioinformatics,aims of classification,taxonomy &systematic,species,classification of man,binomial nomenclature, endangered species,deforestation, microscopy,points of cell theory,fluid mosaic model, plainclothesman,cistern, cristae,golgi vesicles,active transport,facilitated diffusion, endo exocytosis,inter phase, meiosis,mitosis,crossing over, chiasmata,malignant benign tumor,matstsis,distinct non distinction,activation energy active site prosthetic group,co enzyme optimum pH& temperature, saturation and denaturation of active site,bioinformatics,aerobic anaerobic cellular respiration, pigments,limiting factors. photosynthesis,nutrients, nutrition.micro
Nutrients,trace elements, balanced diet,fertilizers,

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Hello students, Computer Science mcqs in pdf will be share tomorrow.
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