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Ozone Layer

The shield around the atmosphere which absorbs ultraviolet rays of sun is known as ozone layer. This layer is present in the stratosphere part of the earth. This layer contain maximum 10 parts per million of ozone gas and the average concentration is .3 parts per million around the atmosphere. This layer is present 20 to 30 km from earth above in stratosphere region. First of all, this layer was discovered in 1913 by a famous scientist Charles fabry . It is also proved that the ozone layer absorb 97 to 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays light. The general assembly of United Nations has designated 16 September as the international day for the protection of the ozone layer. 420 million years ago ozone layer is formed. It is present 10 to 50 km in atmosphere.
ozone depletion

Sources of ozone layer

The physicist Sydney Chapman discovered the photo chemical method that give rise to the ozone layer in 1930. The molecular formula of ozone is O3 which is unstable because when UV rays hits ozone molecule it breaks into O2 and one atom of oxygen. ‘The stratosphere region of the earth contains 90 percent of ozone and it is greatest around 20 to 40 kilometers. If the ozone layer depleted than more ultraviolet rays reach earth and caused many dangerous diseases in living organisms.

Depletion of ozone layer

The ozone layer is depleted due to using nitric oxide(NO), and hydroxyl(OH) and the more use iof chlorofluorocarbons(CFC's).

Ozone Layer Benefits

Ozone is beneficial layer that protect from many diseases which are spread by the UV rays of the sun. Some diseases are given below,

Skin Cancer

This disease is produced by the high ultraviolet rays of sun. So, ozone protect from these ultraviolet rays.


The depletion of ozone layer can cause blindness.

Immune system

It also disturbs the human immune system.

Marine life

Due to depletion of ozone layer the marine life is also disturbing. Many types of marine organism are died due to this depletion.

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