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The removal or discharge of extra water from the body of plants is known as transpiration. This processes has great important for the removal of extra water. The rate of transpiration increase by every 10 degree centigrade increase in temperature. But, at the 40 to 45 degree centigrade, the stomata closed and rate of transpiration stop.
Plants discharge water by different parts of body which are explain below,

Lentcular Cells

The cells which are present on stem between bark layers are known as lenticular cells. Only 1 to 2% water  release by lenticular cells.

Cuticle Cells

Cuticle cells are present on leaf and play important role in transpiration. Only 5 to 7% water release through these cuticle cells.

Stomata Cells

Stomata also play great role in transpiration. 90% water transport through these cells.
Tobacco Plant contains 14000 stomata. 40% transpiration takes place through leaf.


In small plants such as grasses when water presents in large quantity then it release water through edges of leaf. This processes is known as guttation.

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