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Google Adsence 2018

How we can approve Google Adsence by using blogger with simple and easy steps in 2018?

Hi world today I m sharing a good and new tips for the approval of Google adsence by simple and easy tips which you can easily understand and take action on my tips for getting Google adsence by easy way. We know that Google adsence is a good and easy way of getting real money from Google by doing some good jobs on your website or YouTube channel. Google adsence is a easy way to earn money from Google engine. This service is very easy but their policies are tough to get Google adsence easily in some countries such as Pakistan, India and some other countries of the world. So, for getting Google adsence by easy way in these countries, I am sharing some good tips in this regard which will help you to get Google adsence by blogger in 2018. Many person think that is is not easy to get adsence now but, I say that when you work fresh and useful for Google then Google give you opportunity to  do some good work for him.  So keep in touch with me. Tips are given below,

Custom Domain for blogger

Yes my friends, custom domain is very important for getting Google adsence by blogger. Because, custom domain help you to attract users to visit your blogger in Google search engine. So, please if you want to get Google absence then use custom domain from different sites such as godady or blue host etc.

Some Important Pages

For getting Google adsence some necessary pages are very important such as Contact us, Privacy Policy, FAQ, About Us. These pages are very very important for the approval of absence by using blogger platform.

No Copyright

Google adsence has strict policies against copyrighted material. So, please always use fresh contents which are not copied from any other websites. This point is very important if you want to get adsence by blogger. So, please always use fresh contents for your site.

Subscription Button

Subscription button is also important for getting adsence.

How Many posts are enough for blogger

In my point of the view only 20 fresh posts are enough for getting real adsence .
How many articles are required?
I think 4 articles are enough which are 2000 words long for getting Google adsence by blogger. Keep in your mind always use fresh written contents for the approval of Google adsence.

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