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How We Remain Young and Beautiful

How We Remain Young and Beautiful
Women desire to remain beautiful and young for long time and there are many researchers  that are working in the industry of youth and beauty and found some necessary rules that women should follow  to stay beautiful and younger for long time. Let’s talk about 8 rules for youth and healthy body and also skin. These rules are given below,

Use Sunscreen

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Ultra violet rays of sun are very dangerous for the skin. It causes different diseases like wrinkles and black heads.  If you have sensitive skin then it is very important for you to use sunscreen for protection and also find sunscreen protection cream with natural minerals that have no side effects for skin.

Moisture you’re Skin

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Many new branded products are available that give you help to moisture and hydrate your skin but always used natural products for this like rose oil, seed almond oil etc are best natural products that will give you a lot of help for nourish and moisture your skin. And, please care your skin on daily basis and never leave it dehydrated for long time.

Drink Water

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Water play important role in our body and fitness of body. Because, our body contain a lot of amount of water which is required for different purposes and function. Our brain contains 85% of water which play important role to maintain brain parts and their memory. So, drink water on daily basis. Some doctors says that drink 8 glass of water on daily basis in 24 hours or more then 8 glasses. Because, water play a good role in fitness of the body.

Drink Milk

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Milk contain 1 gram fats, Cholesterol 5mg, Sodium 44mg, Potassium 150mg,Carbohydrates 5g, Vitamin C 6%, B-12 8% and Calcium 12%. These all minerals are very essential for the body. You know if we have maximum amount of necessary mineral and vitamins of the body then all parts of the body work properly and we remain healthy and younger.

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