Thursday, 24 August 2017

Importance of Carbon

Carbon is a basic elements of all organic compounds. We known that organic compounds have C-H bond linkage. Carbon occupies central or basic position in life. Carbon has tetrahedral structure so, it is also known as tetravalent and react with other elements forming covelent bond. So, it means that, it forms covelent linkage with other compounds or elements.
Carbon atoms combine with other elements to give tetrahedral and configuration shape new structure. Carbon atom is also combine with unbranded, branched and rings type structure.
Carbon also combine with O,H,P and S. The combination of these elements contribute to a large new varieties of many types of organic compounds. Carbon and hydrogen are used a s chemical energy for many cellular activities in organism body.

How peptide Bond is formed?

When carbon combine with Nitrogen in amino acid linkage it form peptide linkage or bond and form proteins which are very necessary due to diversity in functions and structure.
Large number of macro molecules like fats, proteins and cellulose are not soluble in water and they form structure of cells and also serve as storage for smaller molecules like glucose which is responsible for giving energy to the body to use for different processes.

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