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1. Petronas Towers are located in?

Answer-Kuala Lumpur

2. Name of the present UN Secratary General is?

Answer-Ban ki Moon

3.What is the length of common border between Pakistan and India

Answer-1000 miles

4. Last SARC conference was held in ?


5.China became the member of WATO in?

Answer- 2000

6. Tell us number of players in basketball game?


7. Which is teh largest Surah of the Holy Quran?

Answer-Surah Al-Baqrah

8. The Olympic Games in 2004 were held in?


9. How many members are in the National Security Counsel of Pakistan has?


10. Who awarded Nobel peace for year 2006?

Answer-Dr.M Younus

11. Denzil Washington is renowned as ?

Answer-Hollywood Actor

12.The number of OIC members is ?


13. Hugo Chavez was the president of ?


14. What is the name of 1st Pakistani who won a Nobel prize?

Answer- Dr. Abdul Salam

15. What is the name of Bangladeshi Parliament is?

Answer-Jatia Sangsad

16..Hamas was founded by7?

Answer- Khalid Meshal

17. What is teh name of Dame which India constructed Kashmir district of?

Answer- Baglihar Dam

18. Following region pf the Baluchistan will be irrigated through Kachi Canal Project?


19.Maple Leaf is the national emblem of which country?


20. Where is Mehbub-ul-Haq center is located ?


21. The largest source of electricity comes from?

Answer- Hydel

22. Who is Pakistan largest export partner?

Answer- America

23. WAFA is the news agency of

Answer- Palestine

24. The world largest producer of Uranium is?

Answer- Canada

25. The district of which country have lowest population?

Answer- Kharan

26.Qantas is a airline of ?

Answer- Australia

27. who was the first nobel winner?

Answer- Adul Saalam

28. Darfur conflict was in?

Answer- Sudan

29. One US barrel of oil equal to

Answer-158 litter

30. Who was the second president of USA?

Answer- John Admas

31.Who was the first president of america who visit Pakistan?

Answer-D.D Eisenhower

32. What was the name of US president who resigned from his office?

Answer-Richard Nixon

33.Who was awarded by Nobel peace in 2009?

Answer-Barak Obama

34. Capital of Moracco

Answer- Rabat

35. Largest country of world in respect of area?

Answer- Russia

36. Currency of Japan


37.Dinar is the currency of?

Answer-Saudi Arab and Kuwait

38. Land of golden fiber ?


39.Largest ocean in the world?

Answer-Pacific Ocean

40. Largest dessert of the world?


41.The tallest building

Answer-Taipei 101

42. Mt.Everest height?

Answer-29029 feet

43. Larges lake of the world?

Answer-Caspian Sea

44. Pakistan and India signed simla pact in ?


45. Capital of the Indonesia?


46. Who is the chief  executive of ICC?

Answer-Dave Richardson

47. President of World Boxing ?


48. Who is the president of ICC?

Answer-Zaheer abbas

49. Chief minister of Baluchistan?

Answer-Sanaullah Ahmad Ghani

50.ZIANA is a news agency of?



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