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Learn Active passive Voice 
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First of all,
Learn Active passive Voice

Salman will drop you.

In this tense
Salman is a subject
Subject means who will work?
Urdu. Kon kam kray ga?
To yahan par Salman Work kr rha hy to subject hua.
Drop is a verb
Verb means
Kam kea jae ga
You means Object
Jis par kam ho rha hy

Change Subject with Object
Put the 3rd form of Verb
The word be is used before 3rd form of veb.
The word by is used after the verb for subject.

Passive Tense
You will be dropped by the salman

Next Example

The police should jail the criminal.
We know that,
Always write
Should be
Would be
Might be
Must be
In passive Tenses.

Passive Tense
The criminal should be jailed by the police.

Next Example
In Question type Tenses always put will is are in the first as a subject such as,
Will the doctor shift the patient to the ICU?

Passive Tense
Will the patient be shifted to the ICU by the doctor.

USE OF Being

Asay tenses jin me kam ho rha ho un me being ka use kea jata hy

For example
You are playing.
We are running.
We are writing.

You are eating apple.
Passive Tense
Apple is being eaten by you.

The mother is cleaning the room.

Passive Tense
The room is being cleaned by the mother.
We can also use being in was were tenses.

Use of Been
Urdu Definition
Asy tenses  jin me has,have and had ho un me been lgaen gay
For Example
He has promoted.
Passive Tense
He has been promoted.


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