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Role of minerals in the body of  living organisms

1. Calcium (Ca)
Bone and tooth formation, muscle function and blood clotting.

2. Phosphorus (P)
It also play role in bone and tooth formation and also balance acid base balance in the body of living organism.

3. Sulfur (S)
It is a component of certain amino acids.

4. Potassium (K)
Play role in acid base balance,nerve function and also play role in water balance.

5. Chlorine (Cl)
Play role in acid base balance and water balance.

6. Sodium (Na)
Acid and water balance and also play role in nerve functions.

7. Zinc (Zn)
Component of many digestive proteins and enzymes of the body of living organisms.

8. Iron (Fe)
Component of enzyme carrier and enzyme co factor and also component of hemoglobin in the body of living organism.

9. Iodine (I)
Component of thyroid hormones.

10. Copper (Cu)
It is a co factor in iron metabolism and play role in electron transport.

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