Saturday, 2 June 2018

Read The Invention History of Bread
The invention of bread can't be pinned down to a single man or people unlike chip or tomato soup. The modern version of sliced bread is a fairly new invention (The first sliced loaf of bread in 1930), bread is an ancient food with origins dating back more than 22,000 years.
In 2004, at an excavation site called Ohalo II, in what is modern day Israel, scientists found 22,000-year-old barley grains caught in a grinding stone. Early bread creations were probably more like ''flat cakes of ground seeds’’. Bread grains, the first plant to be domesticated wee first harvested in the wild by the Natufians. William Rubel a food historian and author of Bread told live. ‘The Natufians had the infrastructure for grinding barely and then making it into bread.

After many years’ agriculture and cultivation of grains spread across the Middle East and southwest Asia through trade contacts with other hunter gatherer peoples in the Nile Valley, Mesopotamia and east of the Indus Valley.

From the cradle of civilizations flatbreads to the packaged supermarket slices we know today, bread has evolved alongside society, ever since humans first crushed grains against a grinding stone thousands of years ago.

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